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At first, I didn't understand this. It took me all of one second to become tired of his shtick. You've really toned it down a lot, and that is the only reason I can even watch this without throwing my computer out the window.

Great, now stroking my beard in public is ggoing to be even MORE awkward.


This reminds me one of those really over-the-top blaxploitation films mixed with a PSA. Captain Ig'nant definitely gets a full 10 for cutting satire.

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5 hours, 29 minutes and a mild repetitive stress injury later, I completed this game. I can't help but feel like this game could have used an onMouseHold()-type event.

The physics is off, namely the nuke doesn't follow the tangent of angular acceleration. Otherwise, an alright game.

Good game, slightly nerdy complaint

Your bullet vectors follow the sprite (bullets rebound when the sprite does), when they should follow the momentum at the time of the shot. Even in Tequila Time, I found the shooting mechanic next to impossible to use on the faster speeds and it was honestly quite fun to blast away at things until the defective mechanic spoiled it. Please revise the ActionScript so that the bullets do not follow the center of mass of the character, and I might consider revisiting this game.
Hint: bullets are less massive than the character, and should have less inertia. This means they should travel in a slight arc toward the character momentum and then continue in a more-or-less straight line, instead of in a secant to the character trajectory arc. If you can't do calculus in ActionScript, find someone who can.

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Really full of energy

I like how it jumps around and I was kind of focusing on the drums one second and the synth the next. This would make excellent intro or in-game music for an action game.

CaptinChu responds:

Ha!! You think? Thank you for the review! The whole version is on my music storage site. Be sure to check it out!

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Good shape and texture

Work on your vantage point and perspective, though. I kept craning my neck to the left while looking rightward, trying to figure out the symmetry and vanishing point. The vantage point is forced off the work itself. All of this rightward action with the arching lines and such needs a counterpoint. One half of a drawing, but a very promising half.

Rutger responds:

Oh the thing is there is no symmetry and vanishing point. Trying to do stuff different than you learn in art class.

Great job

Now if only you could get a series starring the hot dog voiced by George Lowe.

Ingres would be proud...

...and slightly aroused.

ornery responds:

Ingres was a neutered machine of a man with no emotion, he wasnt even aroused when he was having sex.

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